NJ Living Namastayin Diffuser - Sandalwood & Amber

NJ Living Namastayin Diffuser - Sandalwood & Amber


This luxury home fragrance is perfect for those who prefer staying in! The beautiful Namastayin Reed Diffuser will fill the room with the sensual smell of sandalwood and amber which will help you to unwind and relax.



This gorgeous scent diffuser makes a great gift for a friend or loved one. Its an irresistible gift for anyone that likes the comfort of their own home!

Perfectly placed on your desk for when you need to lock yourself away and get down to business!


Finished in a matching gift box to make a beautiful treat. 


Fill your home with warming Sandalwood and restore your sense of calm. Feel any anxiety drift away so you can focus on the task at hand. Amber will arouse your sense of pleasure and leave you in tune with your ancient wisdom. A sophisticated blend, the sleek glass vessel and rose gold accent will add a chic touch to any interior. 


Forming part of the Onyx Collection by Naomi Joy, using the finest quality scents for a strong and lasting fragrance. Fragrance also available as a matching scented candle.



This 120ml bottle lasts up to 12 weeks and is hand poured in the UK.

  • Safety Instructions

    Whilst diffusers are relatively care-free, they still need to be used with caution:

    • The aromatic oil usually contains alcohol and is therefore extremely flammable; ensure that diffusers are kept away from open flames at all times. 
    • Do not display the product directly on polished, finished or fabric surfaces as damage can occur if the liquid is spilt.
    • Keep them out of reach of children and pets at all times.
  • Onyx Collection

    Let darkness give way to light with the new Onyx Collection. Inspired by black onyx, a powerful precious stone with strength giving properties. This range is designed to transform negative energy. Bold scents ignite a feeling of personal power. Free your soul from the shackles of self-doubt, master your destiny and strengthen your confidence. Be true to who you really are.