TiiPii Deluxe Bronzed Stainless Steel Teepee Hammock Stand

TiiPii Deluxe Bronzed Stainless Steel Teepee Hammock Stand


The Deluxe TiiPii Stand is purposefully designed for excessive outdoor use and commercial applications.
The opulent finish of the Brushed Bronzed Stand not only reflects class and style, but also features unsurpassed
rust & corrosion resilience, versatility and strength due to the heavy-duty 316 stainless steel construction.
The design artfully embodies the conical shape and lines of the TiiPii Bed and offers both sophistication and
style alongside unparalleled performance and durability. Matching the strong load capacity of the TiiPii Bed, it
supports up to 550lbs / 250kg – allowing 3-4 adults to relax freely.
Recommended for all residential and commercial environments near salt water and chlorine.
Suitable for suspending both the medium or large TiiPii Bed sizes, it is best paired with the Deluxe TiiPii Bed
range, although can also be used with the any of the Classic TiiPii Beds.
Easily assembled in 5-10 minutes, it conveniently packs back down into a canvas carry bag for effortless storage
and protection between uses.
Read, play, snuggle, camp, sleep, relax, explore…

  • Good to know about the Deluxe TiiPii Bronzed Stand

    - Made with highest grade 316 stainless steel (Deluxe only)
    - Resilient against rust, corrosion, salt & chlorine (Deluxe only)
    - Recommended for both commercial & residential applications (Deluxe only)
    - Suitable for indoor and frequent outdoor use (Deluxe only)
    - Perfectly paired with either the Medium or Large TiiPii Bed (sold separately)
    - Best suited with the Deluxe TiiPii Bed range (can also be used with Classic Beds)
    - Assembles easily in 5-10 mins by 1 person
    - Compacts down into a convenient protective canvas storage bag
    - May be used for alternative hanging chairs
    - Supports up to 550lbs / 250kg

    Legal WarningsDo not exceed load limit of 550lbs / 250kg. Important - never use on sloping or uneven ground, for use on solid,level ground only. Not to be used as a climbing apparatus or toy. This is the sole responsibility of the end user.Children to be supervised at all times. Ages 3+.
    - 8ft (ø) x 8.2ft (h) / 2.45m (ø) x 2.5m (h)

  • Care

    To clean simply wipe over in the direction of the grain with a damp microfiber cloth or with a soft bristle brush
    to remove initial debris. A solution of water and mild soap can also be used if needed. Wipe dry with a towel to
    prevent water marks. Always pack away 100% dry.

    100% Electroplated 316 Stainless Steel